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Lab News and Events

April 29, 2022

CBS Undergraduate Research Conference

Seven of our undergraduate researchers presented their work at the annual research conference held at the U Center. Well done everyone!

(Top three, left to right)
Stephanie Warrior – Investigating Spermatogonial Stem Cell Proliferation in a Brca2 Mutant Mouse Model.
Miyuki SunEx vivo Mouse Ovary Culture to Study Chromosomal Crossing Over during Meiosis.
Aubrey Nguyen – Exposure to the herbicide atrazine reduces cohesion between sister chromatids leading to chromosome abnormalities in mouse oocytes

(Bottom three, left to right)
Duy Do – High Levels of Cohesin Impede Chromosome Segregation in Eggs from Juvenile Mice.
Brandon Nguyen – Exploring BRCA2-Specific Interactions in Meiotic Prophase of Mouse Spermatocytes.
Quynh Trosien – SYCP3-BRCA2 required for successful completion of meiotic recombination

(Not pictured)
Kexin Dong – The Ubiquitin-family Modifier SUMO Regulates Meiotic Recombination in Mammals