The Hunter lab strives to understand the molecular mechanisms and regulation of homologous recombination in the context of meiosis. The lab synthesizes molecular genetics, cell biology and biochemical approaches to understand how chromosomes are accurately distributed into gamete cells.

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Undergraduate researchers Tianhong Lu and Helen Xu presented their work at the URC 2024!
Well done and congratulations! 

URC 2024 pictures

Brandon Willis joins the lab as our newest graduate student – welcome! 
Brandon has expertise in mouse genome editing and is part of the IGG graduate group. (April 2024)

Best of luck, Wei! 
We wish you all the best in your new position. (Dec 2023)

Welcome Luz to the Hunter Lab! 
Luz joins the lab as a postdoc after completing her Ph.D. in Matt Neale’s lab. (October 2023)

Welcome to our newest lab member Shankar Kapnoor!
Our lab’s biochemist team is growing. (June 2023)

Congrats Sara for passing your Ph.D. qualifying exam!
Like there was any doubt, future Dr. Hariri. (May 2023)

Jake is now a Ph.D. candidate!
Congratulations on passing your qualifying exam! (February 2023)

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